500 hour yoga teacher training

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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500 hour yoga teacher training

From individual to collective to spiritual to collective to individual.

From the 6. week on you start having deeper spiritual experiences connected with your core being, and a lot of students experience what it is said to be the nature of our real self: Sat Chit Ananda – soul, consciousness and bliss. Understanding that we can through joyful practice open a path to this reality of ours, so that we can go back there over and over again, creates a deep trust into the world, people and circumstances. Even if we get afraid we will not so easy decide out of fear, as we now have contact with our inner witness, who always sees all the dramas of our lives with compassion and love. So we can decide to trust, even if we do not feel it at this moment. 

You learn how to share yourself with the outside world, getting into truthful contact with others, without loosing connection with your inner being. Being ancered like that, you have the chance to teach the 3 hrs Kaula Tantra Yoga Session and give a Meditation class. 

It is so liberating now to share through teaching with the outside world what you experienced in your inner world, combining Yoga-techniques with your intuition. 

Being in this process of high sensibility you have the chance to understand more about the very different group-personalities, as you experience students leaving and new ones coming in. And you can see how every group-personality needs a different way to be moved and lead energetically. Now you start to understand the choreography design underlining the whole Durga’s Tiger Teacher Training.

When you feel now that you would love to share this path of joyful transformation with the world, you can go on with an assistantship to bring the Durga’s Tiger Teachings into the world.

Energetical choreography and group sizes:

In the 500 hour yoga teacher training course, you start having deeper spiritual experiences connected with your core being, and a lot of students experience what it is Sat Chit Ananda.

You will be able to make of your kaula tantra yoga practice an experience of meditation in movement in which each asana is expression of a deep connection with your body-mind-spirit. You will dive deeper into the practice teaching, learning how to hold space for other people’s yoga experience while keeping the integrity of the kaula tantra yoga traditional practice. 

Also you can start to understand the choreography design and bring in to the outter world what you experienced in your inner world, to understand how to share my self without loosing myself, staying connected with my inner being.

In order to offer a personal experience with full attention and support,
our 500-hour yoga teacher training group is up to 30 students.

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500 hour yoga teacher training: In person

Course of 63 days:

  • Complete teacher training with YAI and YA certification.
  • Accommodation in double or triple room.
  • 3 vegetarian meals per day.


Dates 2024:

Jan 14th – Mar 16th 2024
Jun 16th – Aug 17th 2024
Oct 13th – Dec 14th 2024

Dates 2025

Jan 12th – Mar 15th 2025
Jun 15th – Aug 16th 2025
Oct 12th – Dec 13th 2025

Tantra Bites

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training: inspiration

The Path is the experience

Tantric masters insist that the path must be one of experiencing your own body, mind and soul – your whole self.
A field of consciousness is a way of understanding.

It is not a library of knowledge disconnected from an idea or a specific concept;
theory is what you gain after experimenting with something.

One who has seen the ocean, smelled the wind gliding over it, swam in its waters,
tasted in their mouth the salt water and felt its strength,
understands it in a different way than if he had only learned the word, read about it, been
told about it, seen it in photographs or even seen in the most realistic movies.

The difference is in the experience.
So the need for experience is the principal characteristic of Tantra.
Through its techniques, it searches to expand and liberate consciousness from its limits.

Various sensations, emotions and enthusiasms of sensual pleasure and affection,
and also the failures and pains that are common in all human
experience are all accepted and valued in the search for heightened consciousness in Tantra.

When these sensations are utilized correctly, they can be the base of an expansion that takes you to illumination
and awakens you to a new reality.
When the consciousness is expanded from its limits;
it is difficult to describe the experience with daily language.
It is necessary to use metaphors, parables, images, poetry, myths
and symbolism to describe these experiences.

When consciousness is expanded, space and time disappear.

When consciousness is expanded; something appears, something unique
and mysterious that we interpret as sacred, powerful and worthy of respect:
the true Being.

When consciousness is expanded; the subjective and objective ceases to exist,
there is no ‘them’ and no ‘I,’ and the wonder of the unity intervenes.

When consciousness is expanded; love, truth and beauty
become some of the most appreciated values.

When consciousness is expanded; all fear including fear of death is lost.

The energy concept

Everything is energy.
It has different names: Chi, Ather, Strength, Prana, Life Energy or Orgone.

In many cultures it is described as breathing:
Jahwe means “The breath of the Gods” and Adam comes into live when God blows.

Energy is the power of being alive. It is the creator power, a mystery,
which lies in everything.

Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can change forms.
It is shown in consciousness, in our relationships, in sexuality, in spirituality,
in the micro and macrocosm.

On the Tantric path, you learn to activate and amplify the vital energy
hidden in our sexual energy, and extend it.

The optimal achievement is utmost happiness with being alive and in a state of ecstasy
and to access our full potential as individuals.

In order to activate the vital energy, we need to play with two principals:

· Techniques in ecstasy consist of four tantric keys:
breathing, movement, voice and consciousness

· Relaxation, being, silence:
Osho, an Indian mystic, master and teacher explained it in these words:

“Tantra is knowledge. It’s not Hinduism,
in the same way that the Theory of Relativity isn’t Jewish just because Einstein proposed it.
No temple is necessary. You are enough of a temple in yourself.
You are the laboratory.
The entire experiment consists of you entering into yourself. Dogmas are not necessary.
Courage and an adventurous spirit are necessary to participate in the experiment.
It’s the most beautiful part”.