Tantra Yoga School

Intensive Workshop for Love, Sexuality and Spirituality

Based On The Tantric path

Just as in Yoga and the Zen practice, Tantra is a path towards enlightenment, developed over thousands of years in India. Tantra has been a rebellious and nonconformist discipline, challenging taboos and conservative systems of thought. Tantric sex: contrary to other spiritual paths, Tantra has always elevated sexuality as a real path to ecstasy and enlightenment. Tantra has influenced and been influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

A Path for Women and Men who want to live the full potential of their relationships:

Tantra teaches Love. Tantra teaches sex. Tantra teaches a complete acceptance of your desires, wishes, feelings and situations as a human being. Tantra teaches how to use your sexual energy as a source of power and happiness that is stronger than any other human energy. It is, after all, the fundamental energy of life. Only by living our life consciously can we develop such experiences.

The workshop can be organized in four connected parts, but with four different themes:

I – The Ecstasy Of Being Alive
The kingdom of the senses

In this course we open the door of all our senses, not as ideas, but as lived experiences. Only in this way the can sexual energy be turned into spiritual energy and Love.
Tools used in this course: conversations , meditations, dance, massage, breathing and voice work, and energetic exercises for the body, spirit and soul.
Questions explored: what do I need in order to realize my deepest wishes in love and sexuality? How can I detect the patterns that are conditioning me? How can I change them?

II – The Keys Of Love
Sensations, emotions, intuitions

In this course we explore internal and external receptivity.
This training brings you to experience a form of ecstasy that is free from desires and expectations of the other. You love yourself, you know your needs, and from there you meet the other, but more centered in your wishes for intimacy, love, sexuality, or distance.
We experiment with some of the keys of love of oneself and for others: the eyes, breath, communication, touch, relaxation, dance, and sound.
Questions explored: What do I need from the other, my partner? How do I search for it? How do I express it?
By means of a dream journey we explore how can we access to the soul of the world that we are a part of.

III – The Power Of Shiva-Shakti
How to ride the tiger

In the security of the group you will discover and experience your body, your sensuality and your feelings. We will experiment “breath of fire” and other tantric tools, to surf for a high wave of energy with your partner for a prolonged time.
Tools of the course are: conversations , meditation, dance, massage, breath and voice works, and energetic exercises for the body, spirit and soul.
Questions explored: Who is the beloved? How do I relate to him/her? How do I feel my sensuality? And how do I feel my partner sensuality? How can we dance with the differences in a positive way?

IV – Let God Dance Within Us
Sacred Sex with my beloved in meditation

In this section we explore the spiritual side of Love and our relationships.
We explore how can we invite the power of the divine to dance with us.
We see how can we love and be free at the same time.
We experiment the wisdom of “the valley orgasm”, in a journey that lead us from fears of loss to a deep intimacy.

Instructor: Iris Disse

For more about Iris, see the Our Team page.