Tantra Yoga School

Weekends Yoga Teacher Training

with Tantra, Arts and Shamanism

Yoga, Tantra, Art and Shamanism Teacher Training - Weekends

An experience- oriented teacher training

  • Become a Tantra Yoga teacher 200hrs Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance International certification.
  • The 200hrs training lasts 7 months, giving you plenty of time to digest and nourish yourself with the teachings.
  • Our time together is a deep investigation of your Self through various practices and time of exploration.
  • You can join for weekends.
  • Here we will establish a relationship and you will immerse yourself in our community during the training and beyond.

    Classes will be once a month, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Between meetings you will have:

  • A pre-recorded practice to do it on your time.
  • Reading material that we will discuss when we are together.
  • CHAT & CHAI meeting to get together to share, talk or answer questions
  • Access to a Telegram group where we will send material of interest and support between meetings.


February: Friday 23, Saturday 24, Sunday 25, 2024 
March: Friday 22, Saturday 23, Sunday 24, 2024 
April: Friday 19, Saturday 20, Sunday 21, 2024
May: Friday 17, Saturday 18, Sunday 19, 2024 
June: Friday 21, Saturday 22, Sunday 23, 2024
July: Friday 19, Saturday 20, Sunday 21, 2024

August: no classes, only homeworks

September: Friday 6, Saturday 7, Sunday 8, 2024 
October: Saturday 5, Sunday 6, 2024 (certification ceremony)


Friday: 6pm to 9am
Saturday: 6:30am to 8pm
Sunday: 06:30am to 7pm


Casa Kiliku

The school facilities will be our house of rituals, here we will have the temazcal, the cleaning, the ceremony of power plants and the welcome ceremony.

Read more about Casa Kiliku

Yoga Maria

The facilities of the Yoga Maria school will be our sanctuary for monthly meetings. It is located in La Primavera, Cumbaya.

Energetical Choreography


  • Yoga Alliance & Yoga Alliance International Certificate of Tantra Yoga Teacher – 200hrs
  • 1 Temazcal
  • 1 Energy cleanse
  • Dropbox access with books and support information from the teachers
  • Videos and digital material
  • Vegetarian – Ayurvedic meals during the days of the retreat
  • Access to some classes/practices of the international course (we will announce them during the training)
  • Discounts, promotions and free events in Yoga Maria.
  • Being part of the whatsapp in which we will send constant information and we will be aware of the process of the participants
  • CHAT & CHAI sessions between meetings to maintain informal contact with students, as well as to answer any questions
  • Training closing retreat, 2 days and 1 night
  • Being part of the sexuality and love exploration group with Iris Disse
  • Post-teaching support for people who want to be teachers
  • Being part of the Durga’s Tiger Riders Network, a space to promote projects and connect with the national and international community.


  • Early payment until November 10: $1700

  • Payment from November 11: $2000

  • Cash payment: $1700

  • Only 1 weekend: $250


  • It differs to 3 and 6 months without interest.

  • It differs in 4 interest-free installments from October to January, without the need for a credit card.

  • Pay in cash via Pay Phone and defer to 12 months through your bank.


Contact: 099 84 535 363

Learn more about Wah

Email: carodurgastiger@gmail.com

Teachers in this course:


Founder of Durga’s Tiger School

Creator of the energetic choreography


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Carolina Cruz

Anatomy, Meditations, Kaula Tantra Yoga, Durga’s Tiger Dance, Lead of the training.

Carolina is a mom and researcher of life, mind and body through movement. 

Read more about her in Our Team page.






Daniela Naranjo

Hatha Yoga

January – July 2023: Yoga teacher training on weekends – Quito, Ecuador, Durga's Tiger School ® of Tantra Yoga, Arts and Shamanism


My name is Daniela, I am a certified yoga teacher and multidisciplinary graphic designer from Quito, Ecuador. In 2014 I started a complementary path to design, training as a yoga teacher, which has allowed me to broaden my vision of work and often find answers and comprehensive approaches in my career and in my life. I was trained at the Science of Self Yoga school – New York | Yoga & Meridians and Yin Yoga Therapy, 300 hrs, Advanced Training. SVYASA Yoga University – Bangalore | INDIA – 300 hrs: Hatha Yoga. YOGA for Youth | USA – Yoga Teacher Training Course for Youth Go Go Babies / Karma Kids Yoga – New York | Specialization in Infant Movement and Yoga for Babies

Love Yoga – UIO | Ecuador- Conscious Pregnancy / Pre and Post Certificate of Specialization in Pre and Post Natal Yoga. Kundalini Research Institute – UIO | 300 Hours – Training as a teacher. Yoga Grow – UIO | Ecuador- Certification of Specialization in Yoga for Children I am currently the founder of Tremolina Yoga, a safe, inclusive and loving space, where we share powerful wellness tools such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness activities in order to help more people to transform their lives and together create a more supportive and equitable society. 

Chris Dreyer

Mantras & sound

Chris Dreyer studied music performance, sound design, and production at Berklee College of Music, Boston. As an instrumentalist, he has had a 24-year career and has recorded, toured, and played with numerous local as well as international artists. He lived nine years abroad making music in Boston, Montreal, Barcelona, ​​Mexico City and Guadalajara. Chris was an associate professor at UDLA and Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito, where he taught composition, harmony, ensembles, bass, guitar, voice, composition, and technology for 7 years. In 2005, Chris discovers an interest and passion for sound and vibration. Over the next 15 years, he has studied with artists such as David Hykes, Baird Hersey and Ananda.

with whom he studied harmonic singing. These experiences opened up a deep interest in the healing aspects of sound and a deep process of self-exploration that has led Chris to give talks on cymatics and the healing properties of sound to the scientific community in Quito. He has studied Yoga, meditation, Reiki and sound healing and is now a full-time sound healer and teacher of tools for self-discovery and self-transformation. Chris is finishing a 200 hour training on mantras, Nada Yoga and Sanskrit. His thesis is based on the healing effects of mantras, vibration, silence and the energetic effects of these techniques. 

Isabel Maria Moncayo

Art & interpretation of dreams

From a very young age I was curious about the inner world and through art I was able to explore and get to know the parts of my soul that my mind could not reach. I grew up and lived for several years in Ecuador and later moved to Milan where I studied and explored the world of art and therapeutic fashion. By studying therapeutic fashion I felt a call to accompany people in their therapeutic processes. During those years, I also began to pay attention to my dreams and found messages that my interior wanted to communicate to me. Dreams became my little soldiers to explore life.

To continue my mission of being a therapist, I came to live in London and studied Art Psychotherapy, where I was able to unite my three passions; art, dreams and psychotherapy. Having gone through a therapeutic process for 7 years, I can accompany you in your process and offer you a safe place where you can explore your path. 

Jhoselyn Escobar

Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher

Jhoselyn returned to Ecuador after a decade abroad where she worked with non-profit organizations. Her work with rural and indigenous communities was what made Jhoselyn return to Ecuador. 

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