Durga's Tiger School®

Yoga Teacher Training, Tantra, Arts & Shamanism


Certified Yoga Teacher Training

North America, South America and Europe

An international team of Yogis, Artists and Shamans invite you into a safe space to embark on a very personal, transformative journey.

Our mission is to provide you with a unique program that allows you to develop your skills in awareness, spirituality, creativity and the power to integrate your true self in todays society.

Expand - Create - Cry - Play - Grow - Find - Laugh - Transform

Yoga Teacher Certification

Become an internationally certifed Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International Yoga Instructor in a unique Yoga teacher training designed for personal growth and transformation.

This is a calling

200 / 300 / 500 hours - Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador, North America, South America and Europe.

DON’T MISS the chance to work with Iris Disse, founder of Durga’s Tiger School®, and choreographer of our Yoga Teacher Training.

The creation of the school is a result of Iris’ life work as director, author, sound artist, theatre and film-maker. Iris has shaped the school and her life as a reflection of connection with Spirit, guided by time spent with Arts, Yogic discovery and Shamanic rituals – all parts of the Tantric path.
Iris has been in Tantric relation with partner David, for 34 years. She is sharing this path with others who quest to unite with Spirit in everyday life. In these training you will have an opportunity to work directly with Iris for some days.

Get ready to ride the Tiger!

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Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador

International Yoga Teacher Trainings

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