Yoga Teacher Training

tantra yoga now in brandenburg!

Summer in Brandenburg: 2 Yoga Teacher Training close to Berlin


ZEGG: June 29th-July23th

Aloha: September 19-30th – 100 hrs

             Sept 19th – October 12th – 200 hrs


200 hours in ZEGG, 100 / 200 hours in the seminar center Aloha am See. 

It is also possible to complete an independent 200-hour training course at ZEGG and in Aloha am See – see dates:

  • 200 hours – Berlin, Germany – ZEGG community
    June 29 – July 23 2023

  • 100 OR 200 – Brandenburg, Germany – Aloha community

  • 100hrs: 19th – 30th September /200 hours: September 19th – October 12th

Durga’s Tiger School ® for Tantra, Yoga and Shamanism invites you: Yoga teacher training 200, 300 hours in Germany with the international certificates from Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International

Where? ZEGG and Aloha am-see

This summer we will hold our yoga training in Brandenburg, Germany for the seventh time and this time we are increasing.

As in previous years, we will conduct a 200-hour training course at ZEGG, the “Center for Experimental Society Design”. 

Immediately afterwards, a 300-hour training session takes place in the small spiritual community Aloha am See in Wusterwitz. Both communities are located near Berlin. 

The places themselves breathe the flair of nature and transformation and, in addition to spiritual growth, also offer a lot of experience on the topics of community and personal responsibility. You are surrounded by greenery, between fields and forests, there are bathing opportunities in the pool and lake. 

Wonderful places for a yoga teacher training!

Brandenburg Yoga

ZEGG, Center for Experimental Society Design


This year it has space for about 30 yogis and yoginis.
Our seminar room has a wooden floor and a very nice atmosphere – ideal for yoga. We will also conduct classes in the circus tent and in nature. There is a small swimming pool and you can take great walks in the Fläming.

Brandenburg Yoga

Aloha am-see community


The newly founded seminar center “Aloha am See” is a good hour’s drive from Berlin in a rural idyll on the outskirts of Wusterwitz, a small town about 15 km south-west of the city of Brandenburg. The seminar center is operated by the members of the ecologically and spiritually oriented community living there.

The large seminar room has large window fronts on two opposite sides with a view of the central square and the lake – on warm summer days it’s good to just jump in..

There are single rooms with shower or bath/toilet  and some double or triple rooms.

Brandenburg Yoga teacher training - 200 hours

You will be trained to become a Tantra Yoga teacher. Kaula Tantra Yoga is the oldest known yoga and is based on the movement out of deep relaxation, the Shava Asana.

So you get into a flow where the body is no longer perceived as so material, and it “flows” into the asanas with ease and with the help of your intention. It is a deep meditation in motion.

For your life you learn how to work without exerting yourself, without stress. This training is not about yoga as a competitive sport, but as a holistic experience of body, mind and soul.

We impart “knowledge that works” to round off the work: these are techniques from art, dance, shamanism and tantra.

During the intensive training, you not only deal with yoga, but also with yourself. We have found that a good yoga teacher must first heal himself.

You can read the enthusiastic and touching comments of our yoginis and yogis on our website


You will receive a YA Yoga Alliance and YAI Yoga Alliance International certificate as a yoga teacher. So you can also teach other yoga techniques all over the world and are not tied to Tantra Yoga.
YA and YAI are international certificates that are recognized worldwide.


Spaces of experience are opened in Durga’s Tiger Yoga Teacher Training. In tantra and shamanism it is assumed that a process of experience transforms people. The theory can later be found in books.

Since this corresponds to my life experience as an artist and tantric, the training is an energy – choreography that supports you to come into your center. It is a holistic training because as a teacher you teach more than asanas.

The teacher training will be in German and English.

Kaula Tantra Yoga

It is part of the traditional tantra yoga knowledge. It is about experiencing the unity of body, mind and soul, and not so much about the sportive approach to Yoga.

Asanas are held for a certain amount of time, that becomes longer with the experience, to allow the student to really explore the pose, breath into it, embody the asanas series and express him/herself in totality during the practice.
We “flow” meditatively into our asanas. We realize that the body follows our intention and that tensing the muscles is not “work”.
This means that in life, too, the idea of work and stress is a fiction.
Meditation and Pranayana are part of Kaula Tantra Yoga.

As future teachers, students will explore the Kaula Tantra Yoga methodology, learning about its principles and application in the practice. In the second half of the training students will do practice teachings classes learning how to share the Kaula Tantra Yoga discipline. 

Durga’s Tiger Dance


We move important topics of our training by dancing. We use elements of Thai Chi and Arabic and African dance.
Keys to aliveness are breath, movement and voice.
With the techniques of “freeing the voice,” we make our cells vibrate. We get to know our voices in a whole new way. Why is that good? Nada Brahma, the world is sound.

Applied tantric philosophy



We experience our senses in a playful way, work with rituals and communication.
In this way we learn about the positive field of tension between Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti and realize that life has no problems, only challenges. We learn hoy tantra yoga affects our sexuality and what breath, sounf and movement, has to see with Tantra.

Psychology of the chakras

Chakras represent development issues that we humans have to face step by step. E.g. anchoring in the family, separation, growing in the field of tension with others and finding our very own way. We learn to recognize archetypal patterns in the chakras and explore them based on our own biographical history. 

Introduction to Shamanism

We learn the basic concepts of shamanism. I feel that I am part of nature, that my being exists in connection and interdependence with all living things. Our planet is alive, I can talk to trees and plants and walk through the world with my power animal. I am supported by the forces of the universe when I open myself to them. 

Mantra chanting

We sing mantras and sacred songs from all over the world and rediscover the joy of singing together. The aim is to use the songs to create a healing space among people that includes the whole person, the body, emotions, mind and spirituality. Learning happens with the experience, so we sing “by heart” and listening creates connection and stillness.

Clown, dance and improvisation 


Art helps us to expand our possibilities of expression and thereby also to change our experience of the world. The clown approaches everything in amazement, rediscovers the well-known as a miracle. Authentically in touch with what is, he reveals his own emotions without shame. On the path of the clown we encounter our feelings, creativity and joie de vivre at every moment. We question our “apparent normality” with humor and experience the world differently.




The forum – playful communication

 In the ZEGG Forum we offer a space for heart-to-heart communication. Themes such as feelings, personal development, love or life in community are shared in this transformational process.
They are tools for group communication that support us in playfully solving emotional knots.

Article in German on the School and course choreopgraphy: Online newspaper: SEIN – Let’s ride Durga’s tiger!

Yoga in brandenburg, Germany

Dates and Prices:

200 hours in ZEGG: June 29th - July 23rd

  • Course fees Yoga teacher training 200 hours: €1950
  • Accommodation in a tent (4 people each) 24 days including full vegetarian meals: €1176
  • Accommodation in double room and vegetarian/vegan organic meals Meals for 24 days: €1680
  • Accommodation in a single room and vegetarian/vegan organic meals Meals for 24 days: €1872
  • TOTAL for accommodation in tents, vegetarian/vegan organic meals and 200 hour course: €3126
  • TOTAL for accommodation in double room, vegetarian/vegan-organic meals and course of 200 hours: €3630
  • TOTAL for single room accommodation, vegetarian/vegan organic meals and course of 200 hours: €3822

100 hours in Aloha am-see: September 19th-30th 2023

  • Course fees yoga teacher training 100 hours: €975
  • Accommodation in your own tent/camper/van and organic vegetarian meals for 11 days : €460 
  • Overnight triple room and organic vegetarian meals for 11 days: €515
  • Accommodation in a double room and organic vegetarian meals for 11 days: €570
  • Accommodation in a single room and organic vegetarian meals for 11 days: €680

200 hours in Aloha am-see: Sept 19th - October 12th 2023

  • Course fees Yoga teacher training 200 hours: €1950
  • Accommodation in your own tent/camper/van and organic vegetarian meals for 24 days : €900 
  • Overnight triple room and organic vegetarian meals for 24 days: €1000
  • Accommodation in a double room and organic vegetarian meals for 24 days: €1200
  • Overnight accommodation in a single room and organic vegetarian meals for 24 days: €1400

Payment method:

For debit payments, please transfer the money for the course fee directly to the bank account. Accommodation and meals will be transferred separately to ZEGG gGmbH or Aloha am-see after registration. We will send you the bank details with the enrollment documents.

Teachers in these courses

Iris Disse: teacher in ZEGG and Aloha

Founder of Durga’s Tiger School and Lead Teacher.

Iris will be present for a few days in the ZEGG training and in the Aloha Training.

Please read her bio here below

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Barbara Stützel: teacher in ZEGG and Aloha

Psychological psychotherapist, yoga teacher, singer and community coach, born 1966 in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Read more

Ena Rivière Feder: teacher in ZEGG

Ena has been living nomadically for the past two and a half years, living in the process of un-learning, while searching to create space for the new to be.

Ena has lived and collaborated in different intentional communities, mainly in ‘Spain’ and ZEGG. 

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Asha Charlotte Kloss: teacher in Aloha

Asha is Co-founder of the
Aloha Communityand she’s the managing director of the Seminar Centre

She works as chairperson of the association Aloha Education and Health Centre e.V.

Asha is a naturopath for body and movement work. She’s a Body-Enlightenment® Practitioner and Energy Dance® Trainer

She’s certified as Hypno-therapist and Yoga Teacher in Kaula Tantra Yoga

Her hobby among other isto work as organic gardener

Timea Hông Nhung Dinh: teacher in ZEGG

Timea is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, sound therapist and mindfulness mentor. She lives and shares what she loves.
In 2017 she completed the 500h yoga teacher training at Durga’s Tiger School and has been teaching yoga and creating workshops in Berlin and at festivals across Europe ever since.
Timea is passionate about all forms of creative expression: music, art, movement and dance. She has a keen interest in the human energy body, self-development, aerial and acroyoga as well as meditation and breathing techniques.
She has travelled the world, learning about different healing techniques and developing her own style of opening intuitive and aligned healing spaces with touch and sound.

Ena Rivière Feder

Her training background lies in different formal and non-formal settings, including dramatic arts (circus, theatre & clown), dance (Afrocuban, modern, 5 Rhythms and Contact Improvisation), healing therapies (Shiatsu, Gestalt), group processes (group facilitation, Non-Violent-Communication, Active Listening, Process Work, Forum), natures rites (sweat lodge, vision quest, deep ecology), gender work and diverse yoga styles (Iyengar, Hatha y Ashtanga). She also has a BA qualification in Social Work and Anthropology.

In July 2017 she completed the Tantra Yoga Teacher Training in Durga’s Tigers School. This training helped her to consolidate her different passions and skills.

During the training she shares Meditation, Kaula Tantra Yoga, Arts, Forum