Tantra Yoga School

Tantric Plant Alchemy

Chontaduro –  19 – 22 december 2023

In Durga’s Tiger Land

Tantra & medicinal plants retreat

This is a Tantric retreat in the heart of the coastal Jungle of Ecuador. 

Come and celebrate the dance of Shiva and Shakti with the support of plant allies grown in our very own land. 

Ceremonial Cacao made by our community, Sacred Tobacco and Rape will support different Tantric rituals assisting a depper and powerful connecting with self!

You can come with your partner or your beautiful self! 


Enjoy Durga’s Tiger Land wild and powerful jungle, bathe on the river everyday and visit our magical waterfall 

Within a conscious community in the coastal jungle of Ecuador, where the magical Rio Verde  passes through. Allowing us to connect with flora and fauna biodiversity (nature in its most) rawest form. 

We will be hosting you at the jungle home of our Ancient Cacao trees and endemic species from the area. A beautiful large Bamboo Yoga Shala will hold our spiritual practices surrounded by Nature’s Connection, for daily yoga and a variety of workshops, the river for energy cleansing, blessing, meditation and flow and all the beautiful nature to connect with. Plus… Afro Ecuadorians hosting us in their native lands, that will share their culture with music, handicrafts and local foods. 



  • Cacao & Rape ceremonies
  • Solstice Sacred Fire
  • Shiva & Shakti the energy within us
  • Love & Alchemy
  • Plant Wisdom
  • Lingam and Yoni Steaming
  • Daily Kaula Tantra Yoga & Meditation
  • Enjoy the opportunity to get in contact with shamanistic cosmovision and see its similarities with the spiritual Indian culture.
  • Celebrate life through ceremonies and rituals as well as mindful presence and connection


Logistic & Organization

  • Accommdation

    Bamboo house, a raw luxury stay in a lovely  bamboo house near the Yoga Sala, bathroom, mosquito nets and all basic accommodations met. Limited spaces. BOOK NOW!


    Ticket price includes free camping for the entire stay. The campsites are situated right next to the Bamboo Yoga sala, with close access to communal bathrooms and a 5 min walk to the river! 

    Caravans and Campervans

    There is space for these vehicles but no electricity plugs. Please communicate with organizers before hand

    Cooking & Fires

    There is a communal fire space that is everyone’s unless there is a workshop schedule.

    Parking and Transport

    If you come with your own vehicle, there’s  space available to communicate with the organizer beforehand. Easy commute in bus from Quito and main cities, a bus connection from Esmeraldas takes you directly to the door of Durga’s Tiger Land. For detailed info communicate with organizers.


    There will be plenty of toilets on site that will be cleaned regularly, There will also be various running water points

    Disabled Access

    We will also do everything we can to assist you when you arrive. Please email us with any specific requirements or requests prior to the event and we will try to accommodate these.

    Refund & Lost Tickets

    No refunds can be offered once tickets have been purchased.

Costs and inscription


When : 19-22 Dec 

Where: Durga’s Tiger Land 

Cost : $340usd 

* $170 DTS students & Ecuadorians *