Tantra Yoga School

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Hybrid Mini-Course

June 16 – July 7,  2024

Would you like to discover what a 200hr training is all about?
Tiger Riders, would you like to re-connect with the practices of Durga’s Tiger School?
Would you like to experience the path of a joyful transformation? 
Would you like to uncover bliss in everyday moments?
We have put together an online package that allows you to follow along with our live 200hr training, beginning June 16. 
This hybrid mini-course includes pre-recorded material as well as live meditation and classes that you can join. You will receive new content each week, giving you a chance to integrate the teachings; Tantra Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Liberation of the Voice, Dance, and Theatre.

We will build a community, led by a facilitator at the school, where you will meet each week to connect and share your experience. 
Live – June 16/July 7 2024
Price – $197
*For current yoga teachers, this is a YACEP course that counts as 30hr to meet Yoga Alliance requirements for continued education

The power of the Heart: mini course with iris Disse

A class that combines Liberation of the Voice with body movement and helps to access the inner child. Tuning into the body, releases stuck emotions which can be transformed. 

A dive into a day in the life at Durga's Tiger School

Online mini -pckage to experience some of the classes with our school’s catalyzer, Iris Disse.
Do the classes at your own peace and connect with the Durga’s Tiger School’s spirit.