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Our Tiger Riders tell you their Experiences

“I had a very powerful journey at the school. I came with the intention to find some healing and nurture my heart and I have found both thanks to the community and the programme which has pushed me to be fully present. I have spent a whole month without feeling lonely or depressed and that is priceless. Very grateful to have found this space and know I can find relief and healing in that kind of spaces whenever I need it”. 

-Luise Kandzia 


“I simply loved being here. I couldn’t have imagined it being any other/better way. I am grateful for the practices, the space, the knowledge, the people. I would love to come back, and will definitely recommend it to those who I know would be interested”.

-Margarita Torina 

“In Durga´s Tiger School I learned how to listen to my intuition and be present. To breathe profoundly and consciously. To trust. To belong. To take up space and expand. To step back and support. To check in with myself before I make a decision. To recognise my triggers. 

It is a process though. There is a lot to unlearn. But I am well on my path and it is beautiful”. 

-Gergana Georgieva.

Kaula Tantra Yoga 

“The devine process of awakening the channels of body and mind”.  

-Natasha Verkley 

“I am forever in gratitude for all of the teachers, all of the students and each moment I spent with the school. This “training” has reinforced all the beauty, love and connection I feel in my Life. Thank you”. 

-Laura Truong.

“THANK YOU for the immense growth experience I have had here, for all the work that went into the program and classes, as well as ceremonies and rituals. This is truly the most amazing thing I have done so far in my life and I love that Durgas Tiger School has become a part of my life story. Knowing that this school exists helps me think of a very bright future. Thank you.”  

-Justine Seiler 

“When I think of Durga’s Tiger School ® and the many perspectives it offered on the wisdom of the body, I can’t help but think of the old story about the blind men and the elephant: Each man touches a different part of the elephant and describes what he feels. For one, it’s the hose-like trunk, for another, the soft velvet flag of an ear. Seemingly different perspectives and yet each is an integral part of the whole. Durga’s courses on yoga, shamanism, dance, song, ritual and more have led me to live life in a far more embodied way. I’m deeply grateful for the gift of the training”.

-Lexi Miller-Golub (200hrs)

Durga’s Tiger School ® is a gem, brought to life by Iris and the help of many other wonderful and inspiring people.

It is a school that has an open and holistic approach to teaching yoga. Being a student here at Casa Kiliku, one is not just thrown onto the path of yoga, but rather into a wild and beautiful stream of arts, philosophy, psychology, body awareness, meditation, the pleasures and challenges of community life, andean music and culture, theatre and clowning….
Trust the process! It is challenging and amazing at the same time. Every day here holds a possibility to make a new revelation about life, about oneself. Everyone’s experience may be completely different, receiving exactly what is necessary for the individual in that specific moment in life.
For me personally, my 300h training (200h in Ecuador, 100h online) left me with courage, with security to trust in the flow of things. It allowed me to rediscover my creativity and playfulness and integrate it in everyday life. I learned to be a yoga teacher – it empowers me and holds so much joy when sharing with others! I strengthened the art of forgiveness and patience towards myself and my surrounding. Through shamanism class, I feel the ever present mystery and interconnectedness of nature, humans and the cosmos – more than ever.
I sense how the experiences I went through in Ecuador are still developing and growing inside of me, like the avocado seeds that I brought from Casa Kiliku, that are now growing in my room…
It was a time of wonders and changes, of new friendships and new challenges and of physical and mental exploration, that I will never forget.
I am endlessly thankful to all my teachers, including my fellow yogi students, who have been of great support and of which I know I will always find in the future through the Tantra Network.
With the warmest heart I can advise and recommend anyone to come here to undergo their wild tiger ride in becoming a tantric yoga teacher – and so much more – here at Durga’s Tiger School®.

Anna – Germany (300hrs)

Durga’s Tiger School ® is a place of true and profound connection. A sacred place outside of time & space, this was exactly where my soul needed to be in order to experience the embodiment of WHOLENESS ~ masculine & feminine, nature & self ~ the ecosystem of every single element playing a vital role in our world. The instructors are authentic and genuine in their approach ~ the diversity of the natural world struck a cord of truth deep inside of my being and I experienced a freedom from self into ALL. I recommend Durga’s Tiger School ® as a place to BE IN THE EXPERIENCE of learning, growth and healing and not just reading ABOUT it. Immersion into the jungle, dance with it friends. With deep gratitude, Marian.

Marian – USA

November 2019 – group of 200, 300 and 500hrs TT

I did already three Yoga Teacher Trainings before, and I have had three own Yoga Schools. In this other trainings I learned a lot of theory – when I came back home I had already forgotten everything. Here in Durga´s Tiger School ® I feel and experience the knowledge, and that is why I will not forget anything I lived here.

-Heleni – Greece (200hrs)

I loved studying in Durga. It was very eye-opening and marked a major life change.Their method is flawless and what amazes me the most is the intuition with which they work and how well the classes are combined. Their teachers are the best.

-Caro Cruz – Ecuador (200hrs)

I was looking back at my time at the school and am amazed at how much it totally changed my life. When I arrived at Durga’s Tiger School ® I was a lost soul who felt she had no purpose anymore and was physically unwell and very unfit. With the loving and nurturing environment given by the team members, as well as the bond I made my fellow students (some of whom are now family for life), it helped transform not only my body, but my soul as well. I now live my life every day with love and consciousness. I highly recommend the 500-hour course if you want to fully break down and then rebuild yourself to being a better version of yourself.

-Samantha – England / Ecuador (500hrs)

I have learnt so many things, it is very hard to pick just one! The walking massage is something I am excited to share with my friends and also the beautiful songs that we have learnt will stay with me possibly forever.

The most important thing however is to listen to my body and do what is right for me. In the past, in the physical practice of yoga I have felt pressured to push myself further than I was possibly ready for at the time. Here I have learnt to listen to my body and respect where I am on each day. Remembering that everyday will be different and that a posture that was available to me yesterday may not be the following day and more importantly that that is ok. Knowing that all I can do is my best and that in the Tantra series there is no such thing as ‘perfect’. I will definitely be applying this way of thinking to many other aspects of my life.

-Minty – England (200hrs)

The connection of the themes present in the course, was synergistic. It came to me magically manifested. The yoga practice helped align my body, mind, and soul. Shamanism helped me understand the vast power of my spirit and how it is connected to everything around and within me. Tantra helps restore my body, mind, soul, and also heal imbalances along my lower chakras. Art serves as a tool to express and liberate my soul.

-Javier – Spain (500 hrs)

I have been working in the dirt, building a rain-water catchment system which I would not have been able to do before tantra yoga. It has immensely helped in healing my back which I broke 2.5 years ago. I can now do manual labor!!!! hahah!

-Ethan – Hawaii (200hrs)

Transformation – one year after the Yoga Teacher Training of Durga´s Tiger School ®.
I want to express my gratitude… but I realize that there are no words to express it. So I will just write you what has changed in my life thanks to the YTT.
When I started training in the summer of 2017 I was a shy being, which did not believe in itself. I where a master in “tear myself apart”. A young woman who didn’t want to disturb, who didn’t really know where to belong. A young woman who made herself so small that she only got her period once or twice a year.
The training made me a “mature” woman: self-confident, determined, who has her own opinion and also shares it, who shows herself and dares to do something, who faces new challenges and who gets her days every month.

All this has caused the “Tantra, Yoga and Shamanism” training within me.
Not only have I been leading yoga and other groups ever since, but I cultivate my self-love daily and feel strong and healthy.
Through the training I have learned to relax; to make my decisions consciously – to trust in myself; to feel that I am a valuable being.
Thanks to the Kaula Tantra Yoga series I have learned to live my everyday life in Shavasana and from this relaxed posture I act without falling into my old patterns.
For me this training is much more than just a yoga teacher training – it is a “school of life” that empowers me to live my power, to be in community, to feel and cultivate love for myself, the others and the earth, to express myself, be it with my voice or in another creative way.
-Ena – Belgium/Spain (500hrs)

Kaula Tantra Yoga has helped me to feel more flexible and grounded. Through taking time with the postures I feel I’ve been able to move more deeply into poses that I otherwise rushed through during my Vinyasa practice. It has slowed my mind to a more meditative and connected state. I feel my energy is smoother and more well-rounded. I’m able to intuitively feel my feelings in the moment, as they come up, thanks to the beautiful practice.

-Heather – California (300hrs)

I have learnt a lot about myself mostly and the person I wish to become. My goal for the course was to find my path and my purpose which I feel I have reached and now going back out to the world. I truly believe I am the creator of my life and I can be and do whatever I set out.
-Viktoria – Hungary (200hrs)

I learnt that is truly only through the experience and practice that I will continue to grow. I feel like I will always be a student to this yoga, more than a teacher as I learn something new every time I enter into the practice.
I can compare my experience in the first phase to that of a baby, slowly learning to sit up, move around and explore. The second phase I can compare to a child that’s starting to crawl, slowly experiencing new things from a different angle, reaching out for new things, wanting to reach for more.
Aimee – South Africa (500hrs)

I don’t have words to express how great full I am. I can honestly say that my time at Durga’s Tiger School ® was life-changing in the best way. My perspective and purpose have been irreversibly altered and I feel more joy than I even imagined possible. I’ll be back! You can count on it.
Alex – USA (200hrs)

I love this place! Durga’s YTT provides an eclectic curriculum, with a Kaula Tantra based yoga practice that made my body love itself. The school cultivates an environment where free expression can flow abundantly. I think this place provides a beautifully safe ambiance to acknowledge ones life behaviors/patterns, possibly changing directions. Healthy challenges are encountered by questioning various societal beliefs in the curriculum. I would highly, highly recommend this YTT to anyone.
Adam – USA (500hrs)

I remember Durga’s Tiger school with sooo much love and appreciation. It was the opening to a complete new life, the life that I am living now, in allignment and trust.
Janne – Holland  (letter received one year after the completion of her 500hrs course)

This yoga is not about being the more flexible one,it`s more about listening, sensing, let go and relaxation. Through this the movements feel more right, more authentic, more self chosen, and you fall into a space of let go, trust, intuition and love with yourself.
Self-Empowerment is for me the main achievement practising and teaching the Kaula Tantra Yoga and ist nothing you need to force yourself into..it comes by itself everyday more practising.
For these reasons I like very much the Kaula Tantra Yoga… it`s down to earth, it`s effortless and empowers.
Katjia – Germany (200hrs)

Profoundly Healing, beautifully Trans formative, Incredibly Liberating : it has been a true life changing experience for me which gave me a powerful impulse to bring back magic into my life.
Kaula Tantra Yoga and its simple but yet impactful philosophy taught me self love and acceptance.
Art classes kicked me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to reconnect with my inner child and his pure spontaneous playfulness and creativity.
Thank you so much for this initiatic journey towards my self ! All the team and teachers were stunning, driven, full of passion and humility. I truly met beautiful and truly inspiring human beings.
Soraya – France / Maroc (200hrs Yoga Arts Shamanism TT)

9 weeks of teacher training in Durga´s Tiger School ® has been really beautiful experience for me. It has brought me down to my body and through that closer to the present moment. I feel so much trust inside of me, much less worries about future than before. I can feel I can concentrate more in the present, because in the end the present moment is my only tool. It was also great to do yoga on everyday basis and I really hope I integrated the practice into my body so deeply that I´ll keep it in my life for good.
Saana – Finland (500hrs)

This is not just a “teacher training” it is a training for LIFE, the discovery of soul. The Tantric path is a woven dance of experience, being completely rooted in yourself, and from there you are able to connect with others.
Through the connection with others, through dance, through movement, through art I have met the Divine and have come to know the Divine is me, is each one of us.
Here, I have found the language of love.
I have found the ability to love and not hold on to that love. Love is the connection of soul, to soul. It is beyond the image we portray or the mask we wear for the world.
C.A. – North Carolina (500hrs)

I feel eternally grateful for the past nine weeks.
To feel so freed from self-judgment is completely new to me.
If there is anything I learned from tantra yoga it is that there is no perfection. Or that there is nothing but perfection on this path of self-exploration. We can stop fighting with our body and let go of this feeling that we should be something other than we already are. Instead we can allow ourselves to see that the place where we are now is perfect and that we really are allowed to enjoy our body. Our limits will expand automatically, because we are like playing children, just present with our bodies, enjoying it to the fullest, not fearing any limits or self judgment.
Believe in yourself and step into your power. You are fully supported, always.
Janne- Holland (500hrs)

The lessons I have learned here at my time at Durga’s Tiger School ® extend far beyond the curriculum. Extend far beyond each class, far beyond every meditation. In this whirlwind of an experience I feel as though I have not even yet begun to integrate the lessons I have acquired here. It feels as though the journey has not even started yet. It feels as though I am running out the door sprinting, with my heart full and all my new tools in my backpack, though I’m not sure what they are yet, and though I know exactly where I’m going
Jax – Colorado (200hrs)

I know that every experience and memory resides within each cell in my body and I will carry all these amazing lessons onward with me on my continuous journey of exploration and discovery.
I am ever so grateful for the creation of this course and the amazing teachers that have come together to provide such a healing and safe place to really open up to the possibilities and capabilities we have as a human and a spirit. Namaste.
Amy – California (200hrs)

The most intense experiences in my 500 hurs course were the chaotic dance and the partner yoga. So much connection, I felt something like an orgasm but better and without sexual interaction. The chaotic dance was a profond psychedelic experience sober.
Tantra yoga is for me a path to enlightenment that goes through connecting with one another. The yoga asana practice and tiger dance showed me how to relax and control the body. Relaxation durnig the asana allowed me to become much for flexible and strong
Gildas – France (500hrs)

This course was very impactful for me from the very first day; I immediately resonated with the style of yoga and loved how much it focused on meditation. Each day has been a new lesson and built on each lesson before.
Tantra yoga has made me very appreciative of my body. It has helped me to release emotions that I had buried away that I wasn’t even aware of. It made me feel confident about my abilities and really let go of limiting doubts and beliefs.
Jordan – Scottland (200hrs)

Tantra has done so much for me…. more than anything allowed myself to slow down….for stillness to do its peaceful work, with heart and honest feelings….I can now feel I can find the quietness anywhere I go on from here….and I also feel confident to spread this joy…..all the workshops have been so powerful for inner growth and expression…..I hope to carry on this path of love, joy and expression, feeling completely present…..Relaxed and alert: like a crocodile! much love..
Cecilia – England (200hrs)

…Durga’s Tiger Dance moved me the most…..it showed me that my truth within myself doesn’t need to be decorated for anyone else to see, only for myself; Tantra Yoga is art of relaxation before action to clear the mind and be one with yourself; the Shamanistic clown class was so inspiring to me because it taught me how to have deeper connections with people in my life, founded on a level of happiness, laughter and improvisation; the variety of meditations were so valuable to me because they helped me to see the ones that help me to clear my mind, especially the moving mediations and mantras.
The tantra philosophy classes were very enlightening to me mostly pertaining to my past, present, and future relationships. They have given me skills I will value and use for the rest of my life!
Marina – California (200hrs)

The group energy is something very powerful! I realized how important it is to be with yourself and know how you feel so that other people’s energies can’t take over yours.
Angela – USA (200hrs)

A tantric lifestyle is about connection. Meditation is not just sitting there. Every act or no act during your life time, can be an opportunity to connect with the divine energy of the universe. Breath… movement… sound…
Amanda – Canada (200hrs)

I love the elements present in the course. They create so much beauty and depth. All of these elements are in existence and learning to work with them in new ways, has been transformational.
Casey – USA (500hrs)

I feel how I have grown stronger, finding/reconnect to my inner strength more and more. I have been given fantastic tools to be a good yoga teacher, but also fantastic tools to develop as a person – and then also to understand and not judge other people in their choices and processes.
The power in the chakra works with the sounding, dancing and meditation was special for me. It was amazing to feel my Shakti and Shiva energies and how strong they are in their own way.
The aguacoya ceremony: it really helped me to process things on the inside.
Sara – Sweden (200hrs)

I got different tools for myself to create, observe the beauty of the moment, I learnt that world is no theory, is experience.
In applied Tantra philosophy, I discovered how the imagination becomes true and to use my power to create my reality!!! I loved rituals, I loved the way to learn from the inside to the outside. The way of learning from experiences.
Jana – Germany (200hrs)

From this course I will take with me… The sense of peace within my yoga practice and an expanded sense of awareness in my body. My body is as flexible as it has ever been and I find a space of “no rush” being increasingly present in my practice and my life as a whole.
Harry – UK (200hrs)

I arrived here not believing in any God. I just believed after death there would be something. Now I know that also during life there are spirits supporting me. It gives me so much confidence and support. Before everything was my own responsibility and it put so much pressure on having everything under control. Now I can let go more easily and be grateful for the miracles in life.
Sanne – Holland (200hrs)

[From this course I learned…] To feel myself from inside. To be with myself without feeling, to feel so much alive, either laughing or crying but so much here to my being. I came also with a big and heavy question for my development, and I got the answer, I know how to care of myself and when to go until the next step. I learned how to be one with my emotions, understand and they are mine, and we are a team, not enemies. I learned how to feel my power, create my aura and create my vital space outside myself.
Sophie – France (300hrs)

What I learned about tantra yoga is that it is not only a relaxation technique or yoga style, but it is a tool for transformation. This transformation begins at the cellular level of our being. Tantra yoga is a powerful and indispensable tool for change.
Cody – USA (200hrs)

I don’t have any words to express my gratitutde for my experience here this summer. Thank you so much……! Will be back! With love
Maeve – USA (200hrs)

During this month I enjoyed Tantra Yoga a lot. I also enjoyed dancing and puting the heart and soul into it!
I received master classes about how conceive myself as a being of light and share knowledge in community.
I learned to love me and be gentle with myself.
Casa Kiliku – Durga’s Tiger school is a magic place where you feel the love and energy of all beings living here: It’s a place where you come to empower and discover yourself.
Joselo – Ecuador (300hrs)

After this training Tantra Yoga in this moment means a very intentional yoga practiced which is centralized on relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation of the body.
It`s helped me become aware of my witness/ observer.
Tantra classes reminded me to slow down and enjoy and use all of my senses.
Sage – USA (200hrs)

One of the best experiences for me, this month, has being the discover of myself, to identify with clarity, things I want to improve and change in order to be a better human being! Tantra Yoga represents for me, a life style; it means to learn to fee every step we make day by day. It means also opening your heart to love and be loved. It’s living the present moment!
Victoria – Colombia (200hrs)

This school speaks to the core of my being!

Much of what I learned at Durga’s Tiger School ® will stay with me for life. I learned how to stay inside of my own power, to be strong and take care of myself. I learned to be vulnerable and open with others. The course is intensive and at times, exhausting, but it broke me open in that way… I don’t believe I could have dug as deep without the intensity.

If you are looking for a strict, quiet, reserved yogic community, look elsewhere. Durga’s Tiger School ® is meditative and healing, but the energy is very high and wild! This is why I love Dani, Iris & David. The way they have developed their program is honest and allows you to exist inside of the real world instead of floating inside of a “yoga bubble” reality where everything is perfect and happy. They encourage you to reach inside and understand yourself, including the darkness that you may encounter. To ignore this would create an unbalanced practice.

I have begun to share the Tantric series and philosophy with my friends, family and people in my hometown and have received an immensely positive response. I am excited to continue my relationship with Durga’s Tiger School ® and see where my new path leads me! AHO!
Erica – United States (500hrs)

I have become more flexible. I now feel clearly how energy flows on me and I have power to direct it. I sense even more how our outside world is a reflection of our inside world. I have deepened my understanding of life and death. Being able to feel my sexual energy flowing and rising from my roots. Also I have experience a great balance between my feminine and masculine energies. The evening Tantra gave me a better understanding of relationships between man and women and how it is possible to be more free in the relationship and also how to make relationship more special and being it on another level.
Oleg – Estonia (200hrs)

I have learned to stop controlling the future. I want to trust the universe and not miss arising opportunities. I want to go with the flow! What I love about Tantra Yoga is that I was able to listen to my body rather then concentrating on the perfect alignment, I love the flow of the asanas, and the breathing.
Lisa – Germany (March 2015)

I feel I am more free, more in touch with myself. I have let go of a lot of emotions. I have found this silence in me, where there are no thoughts, no nothing, it just is. I feel how the energy is flowing in me. I have learned how to really relax. How to let your body sink on the floor and just breath. I have learned to meditate in the posture and really enjoy it.
Jaanika – Estonia (200hrs)

I learnt to open up to a creative process that is collective and collaborative; to let go of fears relating to imperfection; to play without thinking just in a mindful, feeling way; and, to use creative processes as a way to explore and learn about my own fears.
Student (January 2015)

The most important thing I learnt this month is that you might think you understand your mind body and soul but you can always go deeper. Kundalini rocked my world. The most interesting thing about Tantra is that the journey is more important than the start and the finish.
Student (January 2015)

Most important thing learned this month: I hold onto my emotions and reactions. I am very stubborn. I felt chakra classes and mantras. From Tantra I learned that I really need touch from people. I want to be more open and welcoming to new people in my life. I find it important to connect mind & body when practicing yoga – the physical is spiritual is important to me.
Maddison – USA (200hrs)

I learned how to be completely immersed in the present moment, allowing your true self to flow freely without ego expectations or limitations, trusting in this. Accepting in what is and finding beauty and lessons within all things people and situations.
Student (January 2015)

During teacher training I learned to: create a vessal for Love; the important of loving myself and accepting loving-kindness from others in order to heal myself so that I may heal others; being mbrace by the womb of the mother earth. I have more direction for my own path as a healer.
Kayla – USA (200hrs)

I learned a lot about myself and my shadow while at Durga’s Tiger School ®. I witnessed the habitual patterns of my ego, the critical, negative, easily distracted tendencies; and gained a stronger resolve to stop feeding energy to these patterns.
Skyler – USA (200hrs)

In TANTRA I make the practice of presence a priority: Setting the intention to be fully present within your practice and within yourself, to have a deeper connection to your inner world and thus a greater understanding for the world. For me, the most important of the experience has been: learning to respect my space, value the silence and know myself, connecting with myself and feel my feelings waking up, getting rid of emotions inside that don’t allow me to wake up!
Shadia – Cumbayá (200hrs)

The most representative of my experience: the personal growth, new experiences that feed you, the opening to the uncertain, reforcement of our knowledge, discipline, sharing with new people, the evolution, understanding Tantra as a way of life, the opening of our senses, the awake of inner confidence. Tantra now is a key in my life. Love, practice and love…
Jacky – (200hrs)

It was really helpfull for me to recognize the energy movement through my body and tranform it in something very subtle and sublime. feel the change path to the light, and the possibility of a new (and old at the same time) way to communicate and stay in happiness enjoying life.
Thanks to you all!
Valentina – Quito (200hrs)

Integration, expansion, love, shareing, transformation, liberation, inner growth, end of a cicle and starting another one, synchronization, let myself be surprised, everything is perfect, let go the control, flow from love, security, empowerment, gratitude, presents
Cari – Quito (500hrs)

The most important thing of the teacher training for me was understanding how much I want to express myself, yes how hard I make it on myself. Somehow I’ve made communication way harder than it needs to be. I need much work in an area I thought I was good at. Thank you for exposing me to this giant hole in me!
You can read my blog about this wonderfull place: The Bloom woods.
Becky – United States (200hrs)

The teacher training of Durga’s Tiger School ® is a space where you can really go deep into yourself, whatever is your day to day life. You need to make a pause to notice if you have what you truly need, or if it is just because it’s there. The mind is so strong, what you believe becomes true. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to control the mind, the body and the spirit and be aware of your goals starting from their roots.
Akire – Quito (200hrs)

In my opinion the experience was something unique, that brought me to dive deeper into Yoga and its universe. Living in the Ashram I was able to experience it in a much deeper way, and I could live an authentic experience away from my comfort area. I could connect strongly with myself and with my surroundings in a real and profound way, and I could absorb more easily all the information that I was receiving…
Gaby – Quito (200hrs)

Doing a teacher training is a privilege that few can accomplish. It is a small break in your life that allows you to experience a full immersion into a practice that demands surrender, love and discipline. Although the art of teaching improves with the years and the experience, the teacher training it’s really a magic door from where you can start your training as a teacher.

And even tough your goal is not to teach, you can still go deeper into your practice and interchange ideas with people that have the same passion and interests as you. Personally, I have had the chance to practice with extraordinary teachers for many years, and starting from my experience in Durga’s that I can start to offer the same gift to others.

The most important for me has been to loose my expectation rigidity and connect with a more fluent structure and live a personal process outside of my house (and without my sons).

I could experience Tantra (a concept that I was afraid about), I could be closely and differently connected with team mates and teachers.

Release, flow and recognize these processes as a point from the beginning of the changement.
Nuria – Cumbaya (200hrs)

The time that I shared in the Ashram I really enjoyed of a space of harmony, peace and goodness of all the people, especially the teachers that lead us during the training.

It was an excellent opportunity to know widely and practically different Yoga’s traditions.
Even tough the physical practices were intense, I could handle them and I also had time to relax.
It was really interesting to live an experience where the physical exercise is only a door to enter a wider development of the consciousness, where I could meet with myself and progress towards a way of living more harmonious with my surrounding.
Ivan – Quito (200hrs)

I could participate at the first training of 200 hr of Tantra and Shamanism, a perfect combination…and not only as a student but also as a teacher, sharing my knowledge, experiences with lot of humbleness and respect, but also acknowledging my path and my efforts, the results of all this experience has been infinitely full of gratitude.

Iris Disse is the founder of this school, who I deeply thank for her opening, for her energy, for her disposition and her creative source that is inspiring for many.

For me this has been laboratory of living experiences that blend the native ancient wisdom of this land with the traditional wisdom of the Yoga as the Tantric Teachings. This was a real gift for me, it cleared my path, this experience in the Ashram for one month, really changed my life. I could connect with my source, with my senses and I could let them be so that they can manifest their divinity, their empowerment.

Tantra forms part of me and now that I can understand a little bit more it integrates many parts of me that before where scattered and separated. Talking about energy domain this training is really well oriented, it looks for a balance between the feminine and the masculine, of your creative energy Shakti and our consciousness Shiva, who exists inside of us. And this understanding is eternal, it is always with you only that sometimes it is sleeping…

Thanks to this and to many more things I recommend this training that will unique for each moment, the group is very important, because you are not working only on an individual level but also on a collective one, as a whole, wich is by the end Yoga, Union.
Again i express my infinite gratitude to Durga’s Tiger School ® of which I am part and all we pass there we become part of this beautiful tantric tapestry.
JacqueIline – Venezuela (August 2014)