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  • Do you want to experience a holistic Tantric yogic path? – Become your own guru.
  • Do you want to connect with your sexual energy to create a deeper intimacy from the power of the heart?
  • Do you want to learn tantric and shamanic rituals for self empowerment?
  • Do you want to understand that life is art and you can create your own reality?
  • Do you want to trust in community where you can be not only blissful but also accepted in your anger, sadness and fear?
  • Would you like to discover bliss in everyday moments?
  • Become a creative, vulnerable and powerful Yoga Teacher!

Safety Situation Now

In Ecuador, peace has returned to the highlands, Quito and many areas on the coast. It is safe to get from the airport to Durga’s Tiger School, and excursions are also possible. Our current students have been on weekend tours and report that there have been no military checks and in tourist  towns like Otavalo all was “normal”.

Expand - Create - Cry - Play - Grow - Discover - Laugh - Transform

In a world spinning faster every day, we create a path that connects old wisdom with our everyday live to be the vibrant humans we are ment to be. 

The traditional roots awaken in our inherent cell memory. You don’t need a specific previous experience to come to this course. The Kaula Tantra Yoga is a practice that can be afforded from the point where you are now and it allows you to dive into yoga, becoming aware of your limits and possibilities and working with them respectfully. 
As a future teacher you learn how to bring people into awareness during the yoga practice. And during life.

Applied Yogic-Tantric wisdom, arts and shamanism are tools that we use to dive into the theoretical part through experiencing the  playfulness, creat. Through dancing the dualitys we allow love to flow. We spiral lightful energy into a chaotic world, to create abundant islands where we do not have to function, but where the dignity to be a human can be lived. A world held alive for future generations. 

Are you in?

Are you ready to ride the Tiger!

Choose the best yoga teacher certification for you from our different locations:

Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador - Starting each month

International Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga Teacher Training - Energetic Choreography

We have developed a unique spiritual program, that doesn’t move from A to B, it moves in spirals so that each Tantra Yoga Teacher Training course follows an elaborate and proven energy design. This structure will guide and accompany you through a beautiful and challenging process.

Wisdom is not built, it is experienced and from there we connect theory so that knowledge becomes whole. 

You enter into the spiral of experience at the exact right time, there is no beginning and no end.

Like water altering its form, there are no two trainings which are the same. Teachers, practices and themes are varried so that all trainings are unique and fresh.

Which ever course you choose,  a 200300 or 500 hours, your experience will be balanced and complete. 

Which training is right for you?

200 / 300 / 500 hours - Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador, North America, South America and Europe.

Iris is the energetic choreographer and director of our Yoga Teacher Training Course.

The school is a result of Iris’ life work as director, author, sound artist, theatre and film-maker. Iris has shaped the school and her life as a reflection of connection with Spirit, guided by time spent with Arts, Yogic discovery and Shamanic rituals – all parts of the Tantric path.

Iris has been in Tantric relation with partner David, for 34 years. She is sharing this path with others who quest to unite with Spirit in everyday life. In these training you will have an opportunity to work directly with Iris for some days.

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