Spain Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training in Spain

Granada 2023-2024

Yoga Teacher Training in Granada, Spain

This Teacher Training will take place during 9 months in Granada, Spain. The schedule is the same than our intensive trainings and classes will happen monthly and under the form of little  retreats of 2, 3 or 4 days.

There will be weekly online tutorials between one meeting and the following one so that students can continue practicing, studying, sharing with classmates and asking to teachers.



This time, close to Granada, in Spain we will be at Lecrín Valley, translated as “Valley of happiness” by the Arabs who found a land of fruit tree, vegetable and warm climate during their way to Granada city.
We will be in Nigüelas at the edge of the natural park of Sierra Nevada enjoying nature and at mid way from the coast and the city.

Nigüelas offers one of the best views on Sierra Nevada and you can hear the sound of the water coming down from the mountains while you walk in the village and surroundings. We will enjoy outdoor classes each time that is possible so that students can experience the connection with nature and its healing power. 

We will be hosted by Esther in her yoga shala Ishtar at the top of the village and close to the “Pavilla trekking walk”.

Esther created this place with a lot of love. She’s a yoga teacher too and the shala hosts classes and events along the year that are focused on well being, arts, creative laboratories.

There is possibility to sleep in Esther’s place using a little dormitory just close to the shala. Here you will have a mattress and pillow and you bring your own bedding/sleeping bag OR you can ask us for other options of stay close to the place like rural houses.

Energetical Choreography

The beautiful thing about each Tantra Yoga Teacher Training is that it follows a very elaborate and proven energy choreography to accompany and guide you in your beautiful but challenging process of personal exploration and experience.

In this world, everything is in constant flow, that’s why it is important to us that every training is different. Therefore, we are always switching teachers, practices in order to create a singular, fascinate and innovative program.


An experience- oriented teacher training

  • 200 hours “Tantra Yoga Art Shamanism” Yoga Teacher Training in Granada, Spain (YTT) with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International certification
  • Learn to teach an intuitive, restorative and deeply meditative yoga practice
  • Unify body, mind, and spirit and learn how to integrate yoga and tantra into your daily life.
  • Immerse yourself in a transformative process in a beautiful, safe, and intimate learning environment.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to get in contact with shamanistic cosmovision and see its similarities with the spiritual Indian culture.
  • Celebrate life through ceremonies and rituals as well as mindful presence and connection

Spain yoga teacher training: Main practices

  • Kaula Tantra Yoga.
  • Yogui heart to heart communication.
  • Nature Spirit Connection
  • Mantra Chant
  • Psychology oof Chakras
  • Art
  • Ritual Sweat Lodge

Yoga Teachers of this course

We are an international team, who work together with the local communities where we are.
Daniela de Girolamo, Lilli-Steinle  from the international team will work together with some local friends and well known teachers, like Lourdes Bueno Tomas and Linda Rajjoub Almahdi.


Daniela de Girolamo

Daniela was born and raised in Italy. After some years traveling as a tour guide, she decided to change her life and dive into the arts of well being and ancestral knowledge.

In 2006 she was certified as ayurveda massage therapist. In the same year she began to study shiatsu and traditional chinese medicine.

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Lili Steinle

She was born and raised in a small rural village in the Sauerland, Germany. “We had horses, mother is a yoga teacher, and so horsemanship and yoga is part of my life until today”.  

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Carmen Porras

I love Artes that allow me to integrate from the body, all that I am. From 1992 I got interested by the ability of the body to express and liberate staes of being, ideas, patterns, emptions through the scenic arts and audiovisuals. From 1998 I dedicate myself to the artistic creation and to teach all that I love and feel passion for. I worked in France for 10 years as interpreter and choreographer with the  Vendaval, Kiroul y Tango Sumo companies. I co-directed a theatre projec in the countryside called La Petite Pierre. In this period I introduced myself in the audiovisual realization in colaboration with Dani Cobarrubias, and now we have an internationa recognizement in Audiovisual Festivals. 

From 2008 I walk the path of the study and the practice of the somatic body through the Qi Gong and Shiatsu. I start to experience Butoh dance, Aikido and Katsugen. In 2012 I created Artes-Sanas en Movimiento, a center of Arts and Wellbeing, where I unify my paths of Body and Art.

I am a producer, choreographer, interpreter,  Qi Gong teacher and Shiatsu therapist

Linda Pajjoub Almahdi

I consider myself to be in constant training, every day of my life.  I started the Yoga practice 15 years ago and from then I started to discover all the benefits of Yoga in my daily life. Passion and dedication for these ancestral teachings brang me to India to continue learning.  The presence of great teachers I met, and the inspiration I got from them and from recognized schools  (Yoga School of Bihar, the Kaivalyadham Insitute, among others) where tradition, science, philosophy and solidarity come together to continue in this path a a lifestyle.

I got a Yoga Alliance certification and the Ministry of Education certificate of the Indian government. 

I studied gardening, different massage techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine (for 5 years) that form an integral part of my holistic vision. 

I give Yoga classes: accompany in the exploration of the art of living in summit, in the internal trip of self-discovery and all potencials of the being. 


Lourdes Bueno

I am Lourdes, 
lover of children’s upbringing, nature and silence. 
I started the yoga path for curiosity and to experience something new  ..and I got surprised!
So much movement and experiences in my life…and with yoga I discovered the way to stop and lfeel myself.
Yoga  opened the doors to my inner world and most of all brang coherence in my life “walk your talk and thinking”
With 20 years old I created a project of bio agriculture with other people living in the countryside. I learnt a lot from nature and its cicles, its generosity and its elements.
Some years later, living in a remote place of the French Alpes I got closer to tantra yoga and the experience of listening to my fears and wishes from a state of calm – I learnt to manage my emotions. 
When I came back from this experience I met my life partner and a few months after we flourished giving birth to  (5 years old) our teacher of mirroring each other and adventure’s companion. Then Ruah came (2 years old) with her slow rithm but secure – conquerring order and calm,  she’s a teacher in determination. Thanks. I studied a sports instructor, public health assistant and agricolture farmer.
I am a Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance certified – in Vinyasa Flow and Tantra Yoga. I also completed short trainings in yoga for pregnancy and yoga for kids. 
Now creating new spaces to develop and live in joy.
I am happy to be part of this Durga’s Tiger School ® project that, a part of teaching yoga and its practice , it has a philosophy in which I can recognize myself and can share to grow up together. 

200 hour yoga teacher training in spain:

Costs and inscription

  • Complete teacher training with YAI and YA (Yoga Alliance) certification: €1300
  • Price for lodge and breakfast in the Yoga Shala Ishtar: €15 per night 

Dates: 2 Oct 2023 – 9 Jun 2024

The dates of the whole 200 hours course 2023 /2024 are:

  • 12, 13, 14 15 October 2023
  • 11 – 12 November 2023
  • 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 December 2023
  • 13, 14 January 2024
  • 17, 18 February 2024
  • 23, 24 March 2024
  • 19, 20 ,21 April 2024
  • 18 – 19 May 2024
  •  7, 8, 9 June 2024
  1. To apply for this course you can first fill in the application form that you find here below. Once we receive the form we will send you a second document to fill in and sign that is the school agreement.

2. After sending the documents you can make the payment. You will find two options for payment in once OR payment in 5 installments.