Tantra Yoga School

Nr 1 of the world’s best yoga schools

It is you making the spiral dance on

Tigersmile: We are honored by the Platform “Book Retreats” to be Nr 1of the 20 best yoga schools worldwide. Isn´t it wonderful? 

So that you can celebrate and “ride the tiger” with us, there will be giveaways for the september courses:

1 day food and lodging gratis for  the September courses in Ecuador and Brandenburg Germany close to Berlin…

Please support the Durga´s Tiger vision and spread the word around! It is you, making the spiral dance on….

And here the Article from Book Retreats expressing WHY they choose Durga´Tiger School:

“Want to know what yoga teacher training really offers?

Ask former students, like this one:

“Durga’s Tiger School was absolutely life changing! The staff, the content, the classes….everything was so much more than I could have ever imagined. Magical, transformative, life changing….all these words just don’t seem to be enough to describe this school. The Tantric Yoga series continues to reveal itself to me, and there has been so much that I learned from the teachers there that continues to impact my life. I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to take the YTT there.”

The course at Durga’s Tiger School is more than a yoga teacher training, it is an intense transformational experience….

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